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No matter what I ate I got indigestion and bloating in my stomach. I would wake up in the middle of the night choking with acid reflex. That is the worst feeling ever. I had gained weight and was unable to lose it. I was tired all the time and could hardly stay awake during the day. I don’t like taking medicine (which is what all the doctors were telling me to do) so I decided I would consult with Susan Brady. Susan evaluated me and discovered I had a problem with yeast in my gut. This is a problem that a lot of people have but don’t realize it. Susan put me on a very strict eating plan. I went from having coffee with 8 packets of sugar in it to having no sugar at all. From the beginning I thought this was impossible to do but I had tried everything for this indigestion and bloating problem. Susan put me on a plan that did not allow me to have sugar, pasta, wheat, or anything with white flour. All the things that I love. She also put me on several natural supplements. Changing your eating habits is bad enough but having to cut out all the things that you really love to eat is not easy at all. I had faith that Susan knew what she was talking about, so I went cold turkey. The first 2 weeks were very hard. It seemed like everything I wanted to eat was wrong. After about 2 weeks I got use to my new way of having to eat. There was plenty of temptation around me. Friends and family can be difficult when it comes to doing something like this. They will tell you that it won’t hurt if you just have one bite. I resisted temptation and only ate the things Susan suggested along with taking the supplements. I will tell you after 12 weeks I have never felt better. I have lost 14 pounds, I have no aches or pains and the indigestion and bloating is totally gone. I am off the program and things are great. I use to love things with sugar but now most things with sugar are too sweet for me. I am very picky about what I eat and I never eat after 7 at night. The weight gain is still under control and I have even lost a few more pounds. I have lost 2 pants sizes and I feel great. I did all this with no exercising. I can only imagine how I would feel/look if I had exercised with this. The real test was to see how I did during the holidays. Well to my surprise I did great. I ate all the things I love to eat although I didn’t want nearly as much. Fruit and veggies are my best friend. All I can say is Thank You Susan Brady for helping me get my life and my digestion system back to normal. Without you I would still be suffering.

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